University Faculty Senate

gavel The University Faculty Senate acts for the faculty in coordinating faculty governance at the University of Delaware and in exercising the faculty responsibility for the education and care of students. The faculty ensure the University upholds its tradition of academic excellence and work tirelessly to contribute to an environment in which all members of the campus community are free to learn and to communicate. The Faculty Senate organization consists of two general parts: an extensive committee system and a representative body of Senators who meet monthly during the academic year.  The committees conduct much of the business of faculty governance.  See the Committees webpage for more details and information on how to volunteer. The representative body of Senators consists of faculty representatives from the various academic colleges, selected senior members of the administration, and student representatives.  The Senators meet monthly during the academic year, generally at 4pm on the first Monday of each month, and vote on new and amended programs, on changes to the Faculty Handbook, and on other matters as may come before the Senate. To get in touch with the Faculty Senate, please contact Karen Holden at or (302) 831-2921.