Much of the work of the Senate takes places in its various committees.  Most committees are made up of faculty from the various colleges, students, and administrators.  The Senate needs volunteers.  If you want to help out, please contact the chair of the Committee on Committees and Nominations (COCAN) to volunteer.

Faculty Senate Administration:

Executive Committee

Committee on Committees and Nominations (COCAN) manages the various committees.  These are the people to contact to volunteer to serve on one of the committees.

Academic Priorities and Presidential Advisory Advises the Provost on academic priorities and annual program reviews.

Rules Committee

Educational Programs

Coordinating Committee on Education

General Education

Graduate Studies

Undergraduate Studies

University Administrative Liaison

Budget Committee

Instructional, Computing and Research Support Services

Library Committee

Research Committee

Faculty Issues

Faculty Rights and Responsibilities (formerly Faculty Welfare and Privileges)

Promotions and Tenure

Student and Faculty Honors

Student Related Committees

Academic Appeals (considers faculty and student appeals)

Student Life

Diversity and Culture

Diversity and Inclusion

Cultural Activities and Public Events

International Studies