Faculty Rights and Responsibilities

This committee is charged to develop and review general policies in the areas of reappointment, dismissal, faculty evaluation and appraisal, academic freedom and other areas of personnel policy and conditions of faculty employment, and to prepare recommendations concerning such policies for transmission to the Trustees through the faculty or its Senate, and through the President of the University, in accordance with Trustee Bylaws.

This committee is charged with jurisdiction over faculty complaints which are not grievances as defined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Procedures for mediation and hearing of complaints are detailed in the FRR Termination and Complaint Procedures which were approved by the University Faculty Senate on 12 January 2015 and are maintained in the office of the University Faculty Senate.

The committee’s decisions on complaints are presented as advisory opinions to the Provost.

This committee shall consist of seven faculty members, one of whom shall be designated chair and one of whom shall be an assistant professor.

Nothing in the charge to this committee shall be interpreted as overriding the Collective Bargaining Agreement or the laws of the State of Delaware governing collective bargaining.

Chair: Michael O’Neal

Committee Members:

Michael O’Neal
Earth Sciences

Deni Galileo
Biological Sciences

Mark Serva
Accounting & MIS

Megan Sions
Physical Therapy

Juliet Dee

Regina Wright
School of Nursing

Sandeep Patel