Undergraduate Studies

This committee shall review and consider matters relating to undergraduate education and shall receive, and may stimulate and originate, proposals for its development.

This committee may initiate and shall consider and formulate specific recommendations to the colleges or to the Faculty Senate on undergraduate curricular changes and interdepartmental programs. It shall have the power to act on the alteration, addition or deletion of individual undergraduate courses recommended by college committees which do not involve curricular revision, in each case consulting the deans and department chairpersons concerned, and to delegate this authority to the individual colleges and Office of the University Registrar as it deems appropriate. It shall, further, review the academic standards of the several undergraduate colleges and review and prepare recommendations concerning procedures of undergraduate advisement.

This committee shall have the responsibility for setting policies concerning academic deficiency. This committee shall receive and review for policy consideration from the Undergraduate Records and Certification Committee an annual summary report of its activities. This committee shall recommend, for final determination by the Faculty Senate, the undergraduate educational and academic admission policies, and, in consultation with the Committee on Undergraduate Records and Certification, the policies of academic standing of undergraduates. The committee shall advise the Associate Provost for Admissions and Financial Aid, the Assistant Vice President for Counseling and Student Development, and the University Registrar in implementing these policies.

This committee shall consist of the University Provost or their designee; three faculty members from the College of Arts and Science (if feasible, one from natural sciences and mathematics, one from arts and humanities, and one from social and behavioral sciences) and one faculty member from each other undergraduate college, one of whom shall be chairperson; one representative from the Associate in Arts Program, one representative of the Committee on Graduate Studies; and three undergraduate students. Non-voting members of the committee, who do not count toward a quorum, shall be the Chief Admissions Officer or their designee, the University Registrar or their designee, and the Vice Provost for Libraries and Museums or their designee.
(Rev. 2/2020)

Chair: Rusty Lee

Committee Members:

Rusty Lee
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Amy Biddle
Animal and Food Sciences

Dan McDevit
Associate in Arts Program

Dominique Guillot
Mathematical Sciences

Jaehee Jung
Fashion & Apparel Studies

Tom Tao
Business & Economics

Cathy Heilferty
School of Nursing

Tim Shaffer
Biden School

Adam Marsh
Marine Science & Policy

David Blacker
School of Education

Wyatt Flicker
Undergraduate Student Representative

Jonathan Hezel
Undergraduate Student Representative

Kirti Daga
Undergraduate Student Representative