Student and Faculty Honors

This committee shall recommend the policies governing the granting of student honors, and shall administer such policies as are adopted by the faculty or its Senate, and approved by the Board of Trustees. It may also recommend to the President nominees for faculty honors and for graduate-student honors.

It shall consist of one member from each college, one of whom shall be chairperson; two undergraduate students, and one graduate student; an appointee of the President; and a designee of the Director of the University Honors Program.

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Chair: Sarah Trembanis

Committee Members:

Harsh Bais
Plant and Soil Sciences

Teo Paoletti
Education & Human Development

Sarah Trembanis
Associate in Arts Program

Tianjian Hsu
Civil & Environmental Engineering

Nicole Moody
School of Nursing

Chandranath Basak
Earth Sciences

Forough Pourhossein
Business Administration

Casey Taylor
Biden School

Alan Parkes
Graduate Student Representative

Mohammed Rakin Chowdhury
Undergraduate Student Representative

Evan Youssefi
Undergraduate Student Representative