Library Committee

This committee shall consist of the Vice Provost for Libraries and Museums; one faculty member from each of the eight colleges or schools governed by Deans in which faculty have primary appointments (with the exception of the College of Arts and Sciences which shall have three, one of whom shall be from a discipline in the Humanities); two undergraduate students;  two graduate students; and two elected librarians or members of the library professional staff, who may be the same librarians who serve as elected members of the faculty senate. All members of the Committee are voting members. One of the faculty members shall be appointed chairperson. Meetings of the committee shall be open to all librarians (workload permitting) unless a closed session is deemed necessary by the chairperson or the Vice Provost for Libraries and Museums.

The primary roles of the committee are to advise the Vice Provost for  Libraries and Museums on both the needs and foci of the academic community and to provide feedback on the Library’s current and proposed activities. An important secondary role is to advise the Faculty Senate on policies and practices that relate to the Library.

Chair: PK Krishnan

Committee Members:

Amanda McCollom
Library Representative

Kaitlyn Tanis
Library Representative

PK Krishnan
Applied Economics & Statistics

Kathy Brewer-Smyth
School of Nursing

David Kim

Mary Bowden

John Morgan
Physics & Astronomy

David Burris
Mechanical Engineering

Farley Grubb

Chandranath Basak
Earth Sciences

AR Siders
Biden School of Public Policy & Administration

Laura Eisenman
Education & Human Development

Trevor A. Dawes
Vice Provost for Libraries & Museums

Hannah Grantham
Graduate Student Representative

Pamela Ahern
Graduate Student Representative

Mary Ladely
Undergraduate Student Representative

Jillian Sternig
Undergraduate Student Representative