Rules Committee

Subject to the approval of the Faculty or its Senate, this committee shall formulate, codify, and review rules and bylaws concerning the function of the Senate and the sessions of the University faculty, and it shall recompute faculty memberships in the Senate according to the Constitution of the Faculty.

This committee shall also keep continuing records and oversight of the body of faculty and Senate actions and related University regulations, and may advise upon the bearing thereto of new legislation, including amendments to the Constitution.

This committee shall consist of the Secretary of the Senate, who shall be its chairperson, and four other members chosen from current and past members of the Senate who serve two-year staggered terms. Of these four appointed members, no more than two may be from the same College.

Chair: Jackie Fajardo

Committee Members:

Jackie Fajardo
Chemistry & Biochemistry – Senate Secretary

Greg Dobler
Biden School

Alan Fox

Stephanie Raible
Business Administration

Antony Beris
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering