Academic Appeals, Committee on

This committee shall have the sole purpose of serving at Step 4 of the Student Grievance Procedure in reviewing cases appealed to it, determining whether or not a hearing is appropriate, conducting such hearings, and rendering a decision.

The committee shall consist of two graduate students and two undergraduate students chosen for one-year terms, and five members of the voting faculty appointed for four-year terms, one of whom shall be appointed as the chairperson. The faculty terms shall be staggered so that, if possible, at least three faculty members carry over each year.

Chair: Jennifer Graber

Jennifer Graber
School of Nursing

Virgil Alexander
Accounting & MIS

David Ebaugh
Physical Therapy

Theodore Davis
Political Science & International Relations

Andreas Muenchow
School of Marine Science & Policy

Lexi Haws
Undergraduate Student Representative

Ryan Brubaker
Undergraduate Student Representative